Organize Your Recipes!

Organize Your Recipes!

Organization. When it comes to recipes, it’s an endless task. Especially if you’re like me and collect recipes all the time. Scraps of paper, pages torn out of a magazine, links to websites, emails. It all adds up to one big unorganized mess.

“I know I saw that recipe somewhere around here!”

I knew there had to be a better way, and so my quest for an iPad/iPhone app began. There are several in the iTunes store, which I tried. After several false starts, I came across My Recipe Book.

The app has been a life saver, or at least a mind saver. It does take some work to get setup. Finding all those loose scraps of paper, magazine pages, etc. and loading them into the app. But the app does help out a lot with some pretty cool features.

The one I really love is the “Custom Import” feature which allows you to browse websites and find the recipe you would like to import. It then lets you select the title, ingredients, instructions and even pictures to import and format for a new recipe entry. Super fast and easy to use.

You can also manually type in a new recipe. The form is straight forward and I find it relatively easy to type in a new recipe within a couple minutes.

Editing the recipes is easy with one click, drag and drop. The app publishers have been great about putting out regular updates. The app has come a long way since it was first released back in 2010.

Another great feature is building a shopping list for ingredients. Just select the recipes you will be working with and it will generate a shopping list that can be emailed or saved. Super helpful for those big holiday shopping adventures.

Sharing is also a nice bonus. You can email or share your recipes online with a couple clicks.

On the tech geek side, the app uses an SQL database, so all the data is stored in a format that can be used for other applications, websites, etc. It also has a backup feature to both the cloud and the local iPad/iPhone so your recipes will never be lost.

In addition to the My Recipe Book app, I also use an attached keyboard on my iPad. I find the full size keyboard a must when typing. Logitech has a really smart functional one that gives you a full size keyboard as well as a stand so the iPad stands up for better viewing. It also doubles as a cover when you want to pack it up and go. You can check it out here: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

So that’s my setup. I can’t stress enough how much this has changed my life in the kitchen. I can now quickly find recipes that I am looking for, or even find ones that are related to a an ingredient I want to use, but not sure what to make. Making edits and notes is a great thing to keep track of changes or additions you might make along the way.

Thanks again for tuning in. Hope this helps!


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